Bring a Book! Share a Value!

This year, books become the heart of a unique TEDxPatras initiative, aiming to share the power of reading through an unprecedented book gathering! Serving the purpose of literacy and proving how deeply literature is valued, TEDxPatras 2018 asks Patras’ citizens, local organizations and agencies to actively contribute to the initiative, offering books of all kinds. The books gathered will then be donated to local communities, allowing them to enrich their libraries- or helping them to create a new collection.

The book is a key element to this year’s TEDxPatras event, themed “Values“, and Offering has been chosen as the value the TEDxPatras 2018 team will actively support- beyond the value of Volunteering that internationally dominates the entire philosophy of TED events.

The TEDxPatras 2018 platform is offering to organize this action and set this value-able process of collecting books in motion. We invite everyone who is a member to the city’s family to offer a book; simple citizens, schools, cultural teams, local organizations- and of course, Patras’ Publishers are all welcome to contribute! The gathering of books, either used or brand-new, will last for over a month and will take place at central, even symbolic, places of the city. They will then be transferred in wooden boxes, specially crafted by the students of the ArtHow School, to be finally given to their recipients.

We strongly believe Cooperation to be an empowering value worth sharing, and we feel that the love of books- as well as the ability to freely enjoy reading- is an “idea worth spreading”. Because a book read by a thousand different people transforms into a thousand different books. Because together we can share knowledge, inspiration, hope, and dream – all the magic that lies within the pages of a book, waiting for us to open it, thus allowing it to fulfill its purpose; changing the world- and our lives- forever…

The campaign will start on October 20 and will last about a month. Those who want to donate books they have to look for TEDxPatras boxes at the following gathering points:

– The Library and Information Center (LIC) of the University of Patras. Mon to Fri 8:00 – 21:00
– Hellenic Open University Distance Library and Information Center. Mon to Fri 7:30 – 19:30, Sat and Sun 10:00 – 16:00
– Santa Roza Café
– Abbey Café-Kitchen-Bar
– Skiadaresis